Lancaster students join STM – no essays here!

Lancaster students join STM – no essays here!

25th September 2019
Meet the Team

We’ve welcomed two students from Lancaster University – Sylwia our Brand Communication Executive and Hollie our Social Content Executive. We put them both in the spotlight to get the scoop on how they’ve found life at the agency so far and what tips they’d give to future applicants – without all that Harvard referencing!

Meet Sylwia

Role: Brand Communications Executive (six-week placement)

Degree: 3rd year Entrepreneurship student 

Your downtime go-to: I always try to be super active and sporty by taking part in climbing and running. I enjoy learning foreign languages in my free time too. I just wish the day had more than 24 hours.

Responsibilities: I’m involved in marketing the agency itself. From the planning and researching, through to actually creating the content for our newsletters, website and blogs. 

Why did you apply: I loved the style and energy! It also seemed that there was so much opportunity to learn. 

Tips for future applicants: Show off your personality! Be sure to mention the stuff you engage in outside of your degree.

Highlights so far: I thought it would be easier to show you all my best bits…

Meet Hollie

Role: Social Content Executive (year placement)

Degree: 3rd year Marketing Management student 

Your downtime go-to: You’d normally catch me going out for food, playing netball or trying to pet someone’s dog!

Responsibilities: I work on creating engaging social media content for both clients and the company itself. There’s loads of variation in the role – from community management to product photoshoots, writing blogs and analysing competitors!

Why did you apply: Basically, I thought it looked ace! There’s a super broad range of clients and a whole scope of cool brands to get involved in.

Tips for future applicants: Get creative with your CV and cover letter. Formal and boring doesn’t stand out.

Highlights so far: And this is only week one…

Drop us a line at if you’d like to hear more about future student placement opportunities. 

Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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