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Shoot the Moon have worked with the Jucee brand from its inception and were tasked with increasing brand awareness and presentation. Helping to grow the range, bring the products to market and turn Jucee into a leading UK family favourite with a great value for money proposition.

The artwork for each flavour features each uniquely designed Jucee character, differentiating the varying artwork and giving the bottles a Jucee personality.

In 2012 we developed the idea of illustrated 2D characters for Jucee which we then crafted into 3D characters, each with a personality of their own.

Due to the success of the Jucee rebrand in 2013, we took Jucee squash and cordials to the next level as a full ‘No Added Sugar’ range within a bespoke bottle design for Jucee.

Jucee adverts produced by Shoot the Moon, highlighting the continuing growth in sales figures.

Shoot the Moon produced a Jucee Snowball Ident for Nickelodean and Nicktoon’s sponsorship.