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Case Study


We developed the Wainwright’s Dog’s Best Friend Dog Food range.

The backstory

In 2010, Pets at Home created Wainwright’s. A new and innovative all-natural, hypo-allergenic dry food for dogs with no nasty additives or cheap, bulking ingredients. In order to bring Wainwright’s to the fore, Shoot the Moon were asked to develop the branding further with a strong and unique identity that would flex and extend across other ranges.

Wainwright’s mission is to encourage and promote pet health through life long nutrition with a natural stance. The brand now sees the Wainwright’s dog and cat aligned to the freedom and happiness of enjoying the outdoor life and pet companionship.

The challenge

Wainwright’s embodies everything that’s great about Britain’s landscape, climate and history. A brand that combines both the physical and mental well being of an outdoor lifestyle.

With this proposition in mind, the new ranges had to capture what Wainwright’s stood for within a distinctive style and alongside a message that communicated a clear product offering to the customer. A brand with notable distinction in a cluttered market that would always maintain a consistent identity and voice.

The Solution

Shoot the Moon set about evolving the brand further and this will remain in place to ensure all of the core products sit together as members of the same family.

In addition, two ranges were created as part of the brand extension;

Wainwright’s Perfect For Cats and Wainwright’s Grain Free.

The overall aim of this project was to provide Wainwright’s with a consistent look across all touch points. Everywhere the brand appears; the brand structure, imagery, colour palette and copy communicating a unified message.

The outcome is an authoritative, knowledgeable and engaging tone, trusted by the pet owner and perceived as a integral part of a happy life together.

The Results

The range now comprises of Dry Food, Wet Food Trays and Cans and has extended to Treats and Accessories.

Sales continue to grow with Wainwright’s perceived as a brand in its own right and not a private label.