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Case Study


We produced the artwork for an F4 Metamark MD-X wrapped car which features in one of their latest campaigns.

The backstory

Metamark are a sign making material manufacturer and distributor to the industry. With service at the centre of their brand, they wanted to build a coherent, consistent message. This was to culminate with a engaging, original and eye-catching approach to external communications that would reflect the premium, pioneering, intelligent nature of the METAMARK brand.

Ahead of the creative execution the brand DNA was established through an analysis of what was synonymous with the METAMARK brand to its wide range of customers – without doubt this was assurance and reliability of service and product.

The challenge

As METAMARK continues to grow, the clarification of the brand’s identity and purpose was needed in order to communicate clearly and consistently with existing customers and set an expectation for new prospects.

The Solution

The branding gained a consistent visual approach that was dubbed “playfully smart” and this worked in parallel with the tone of voice adopted. Together with Metamark, we built a set of directions to ensure everything the company communicates looks, behaves and engages in a consistent manner.

This began as a fairly fluid process and based on agreed milestones, solidified as touch points expanded. Advertising campaigns, eCRM and communication now reflect and reinforced the brand’s core strengths.

The Results

Driven by advertising campaigns and clarity of design, Metamark achieved an increase in engagement and were rewarded with subsequent new business. Existing customer perceptions were positively reshaped as the brand’s communication confirmed Metamark as a confident manufacturer with unwavering excellence in their service. New customers perceive the brand as secure, challenging, level headed and dependable. Recent changes in the competitor set have seen Metamark harness immediate growth based on a clear industry perception of what the business stands for and its ambition.