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Case Study


The artwork for each flavour features each uniquely designed Jucee character, differentiating the varying artwork and giving the bottles a Jucee personality.

The backstory

Family favourite Jucee, is now one of the most recognised squash brands in the UK. Supported by a programme of innovation, Jucee has moved into the top 5 UK squash brands by consumption. The no added sugar range includes a wide range of flavours, all of which are made with real fruit juice and have the added reassurance of no artificial colours or flavours.

The challenge

Shoot the Moon have worked with the Jucee brand from its inception over four years ago and during this time we were tasked with increasing brand awareness and presentation. Helping to grow the range, bring the products to market and turn Jucee into a leading UK family favourite with a great value for money proposition.

The Solution


  1. Jucee introduced 3 flavours of 100% pure juice in small cartons, each with a straw, and perfectly sized for lunchboxes. We were asked to look at the packaging design and part of the concept included development of a number of 2D characters. These characters were Ozzie Orange, Archie Apple and Peggy Pineapple.
  1. Also in 2011 Jucee mini cartons were launched, and gained distribution in 3 of the top 4 multiples.
  1. The Jucee brand key was reviewed, which generated a new rallying call for the brand.
  1. From this a sponsorship campaign was created and implemented, featuring children interacting with computer animated fruit characters, playing games and having fun. Indents were run on Nickelodeon.
  1. Brand guidelines for the Jucee brand were created.


  1. Jucee Squash packaging re-design brief – update and refresh the Jucee squash packaging to ensure that we have an aligned Jucee brand design across both squash and Lunchbox mini juice, whilst respecting the specific category needs.
  1. Along side this the original three characters were updated, moving from two dimensional cartoons to computer generated characters. Ozzie, Archie and Peggy have been joined by a whole gang of fruits with each character having its own identity and personality.
  1. Further sponsorship campaigns were created for Nickelodeon
  1. Jucee website – To refresh the Jucee website in line with forthcoming changes to the brand identity

Generate increased reasons for visiting and returning to the website driving brand engagement


Creation of a bespoke bottle design.

  1. Jucee Packaging brief – To refresh and relaunch the Jucee ranges listed below using the new range of 3D characters and taking cues from the recently relaunched Jucee Squash:
    • Jucee 100% Pure minis.
    • Jucee lunchbox bottle juice drinks with sports cap.
    • Jucee litre 100% Pure litre cartons.


Further seasonal sponsorship campaigns were created to build brand awareness and kids’ appeal running on a 52 wk campaign on Kids’ TV channels.

The progression of the new Jucee bespoke bottle shape lead to another re-design of the packaging labels scheduled for the launch early in 2015. Along with the new bottle the business made the move to 100% No Added Sugar products with the introduction of 3 cordial SKUs.

New Product Development resulted in the introduction of a new flavor “Orange & Mango” so the creation of a new character was completed – Maisee Mango joined the gang!

The full sugar products were moved to Cordials.


The launch of a Jucee Squash bespoke bottle is listed in top multiple retailers.


Further brand development is planned for 2016 to achieve increased penetration and volume sales across the whole range.

The Results

Growth of over 33% has been achieved in the last two years with over 400m servings consumed annually.

(source Kantar worldpanel 52 w/e 1st February – volume growth of Jucee Brand)