Capturing ‘Ta-Dah!’ Moments for Lakeland


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Utilising Lakeland’s digital channels to execute the ‘Ta-Dah!’ campaign to evoke positive reaction toward spring cleaning, captivating moments of delight and desirability.


Highlight Lakeland’s expertise as the ‘go to’ brand for home cleaning and reach and appeal to a broader demographic, extending Lakeland’s traditional target audience.
To demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleaning products, we invented five personas and real-life scenarios demonstrating reliable solutions to cleaning in bite size chunks. Targeting existing customers and engaging with a new broader audience, each character demonstrates how Lakeland products can fulfil a variety of differing needs and priorities. From cleaning perfectionists who’re already loyal to the Lakeland brand, to busy families with limited time to spend cleaning.
Reflecting the warm and friendly brand, the campaign deliverables included the development of an overarching campaign creative, 5 hero videos, product stop motions and editorial blogs to be seeded across Lakeland’s organic and paid channels. We also produced a multiple-choice quiz hosted on Lakeland’s blog which encouraged users to ‘find out their cleaning personality’. The quiz generated high levels of engagement, with over 17,000 visits to the page.
Over the campaign duration of 5 weeks, the campaign achieved a total of over 3.7 million impressions and 3k purchases of spring cleaning products through paid social alone. By creating content to appeal to a broader target audience, we were able to build a new pool of users for Lakeland, which can now be targeted beyond the campaign to drive awareness of the brand. Do you want help with boosting product sales? Get in touch with the team today!

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