Top 10 tips for working from home

Top 10 tips for working from home

24th March 2020

Every individual, business and nation across the globe is currently being affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. For many of us, we’re being faced with a new challenge – working from home. Love it or hate it – here are some of our handy tips for adapting to your new work environment, so we can all stay productive, positive and creative!

1) Stick to a routine

Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean your daily routine has to go out of the window! Whilst working from home saves you from your daily commute and the need to scrub up, it doesn’t mean you should just roll out of bed five minutes before you’re due to clock in. Act like you’re still heading into the office – take a shower, lose the pyjamas and give yourself time to get into the work mindset over a hearty breakfast and a brew. 

2) Create a designated workspace

Whilst it may be tempting to work from the comfort of your sofa with your favourite TV show in the background, having a designated workspace can massively help your productivity. From dining tables, dressing tables and even the ironing board (really!) there’s plenty of make-shift desk set-ups to help you get in the zone. Create boundaries with those you live with, allowing you a space to concentrate on the nitty gritty but also a space for you to step away for a well-deserved break and a catch up!

3) Make a to-do list for the day

A to-do list is a great way to keep you on task in an environment that could promote distractions. Plan what you’ll be working on and set yourself goals to focus on across each day. It’s also a good idea to set clear expectations for day to day communication with your team, for example a morning catch-up which brings everyone up to speed and then an afternoon review to manage your workload.

4) Stay connected

It’s important to keep speaking to your clients, team and managers to keep projects and plans ticking over as usual. A good bit of virtual face-to-face interaction or even a natter over a brew can make the world of difference and keep spirits up. We’ll be calling on the services of Google Hangouts, Meets and Slack to speak to clients and check in on each-other while we’re apart.

5) Stay positive

The pandemic will most likely be bringing you plenty of uncertainty and stress, understandably leaving you hooked to the latest updates and news. Whilst staying up to date on the ins and outs is important, it’s a good idea to limit the intake of news to reduce anxiety and concentrate on other things. Be sure to take time out from the doom and gloom for a dose of positivity, checking out publications like @the_happy_broadcast or finding a good meme to put a grin on your face!

6) Take breaks

Be sure to set time aside to take a break from your screen and keep motivation levels high. Just like in the office, make yourself a brew, stretch your legs and have a natter with your colleagues before getting back to it. There are some great resources out there to reduce stress and clear your head – with apps like Headspace for a quick meditation session or resources from Calm to help relieve any tension.

7) Get empowered

There are plenty of ways to keep your creative juices flowing even in the most uninspiring of settings – try listening to a podcast, watching a motivational YouTube video or sticking on an uplifting music playlist. We’re loving Makers, a new podcast and interview series that gives you an inside look at the unexpected life moments that have impacted today’s most influential and experimental creatives.

8) Keep moving 

You might be stuck inside, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t get up and about. It’s really important to stay active and healthy, be it through some morning yoga, a few lunchtime squats or a post-work home workout – some of us have been keeping active with Instagram Live Videos from the likes of Joe Wicks. You’ll be amazed at the household items we’re using to double up as weights! 

9) Eat well

When working from home, the temptation to snack all day is hard to resist. Try and stick to only eating when you’re actually hungry and opt for some immune-boosting healthy meals if possible. In times of a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to look after yourself – so be sure to fill up on veggies and drink plenty of water.

10) Log off

A lack of clear working hours can easily throw your routine out of whack. It can be difficult to unplug after work without a physical exit and an unwinding commute. Make sure to log off from work and switch up your mindset, have a post-work G&T or dive into some exercise to help you relax into the evening and see out the day. 

We might be divided but we’re all in this together – Shoot the Moon, Manchester and the rest of the world. Let’s dig deep and do our bit to keep businesses rolling, but most importantly let’s remain connected, keep positive and stay safe.    

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