Two+Two: Our Round Up

Two+Two: Our Round Up

29th March 2022
Thoughts & Insights

On Friday 18th March, Head of Creative, Dan Hough, Content Executive, Chelsea Grimshaw, and Alex Jenkins, Deputy Creative Director at our sister agency Delineo, attended Two + Two as mentors.

This exciting event brought together over 200 students and professionals alike, to work together on a live client brief during an intensive day of teamwork. We were very excited to have two mentors at the event this year, sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

We asked Dan, Chelsea and Alex for a roundup of their day with two questions…


…And here’s their take on Two + Two!

On the day the students were split into colour groups and teams within those groups. Each colour group had a selection of mentors with different industry skillsets such as; Comms, Creative, Copywriting, to help the students to navigate the brief and manage their time successfully.

Dan was assigned to the yellow group of students, Chelsea Blue and Alex Pink. Using their expertise in brand, creative, content creation and campaign planning they helped the teams navigate their way through the brief and develop individual ideas that were presented to a panel of judges. 7 groups including 2 wildcards presented their work on stage and the judges took the time to discuss and analyse the students’ final pieces to announce the winning teams.

The judges were looking for a presentation that told a story, considering how the students answered the brief with their objectives and problem mapping, audience selection, channel planning and a killer insight.

The winning students were presented with the amazing opportunities of earning placements, medals and a collab day with Steven Bartlett.


What was your favourite part of the day?

“Witnessing a team that really doubted themselves get through to the semi-final, well done to them” – Dan


“Seeing each team and individual have their light-bulb moment when they truly understood the brief. I was a student at the event last year, so it was amazing to come back as a mentor and help other students get the most out of the event as I did.” – Chelsea


“Working with the students to get them through the briefs and offering them support when required (and of course the free bar at the end!). The day was thought-provoking, intense and empowering – just what every budding creative needs, to push them into a career they’ll love for life.” –Alex


What two pieces of advice would you give to any budding industry professionals?

“Sharing knowledge and experience is a great way to help the next generation of creatives.

“Being a good listener is an invaluable skill no matter what you do in life.” – Dan


“Keep the BIG idea simple!

“If you have the loudest voice in the group, use it to help amplify the quieter ones too.” – Chelsea


“When you’re stuck, get up and move. Change your surroundings. Talk to different people. Effectively just try and stimulate yourself in any way possible. The ideas will always come.

“Get as much experience you can and make yourself indispensable when you do get that opportunity. Working in this industry is never a 9-5, you’re always on, always digesting the world and experiences around you and using them. That sounds full on, but it means every day is different, a new idea is always around the corner and you never have to stop.” – Alex


The networking event at the end of the day, provided students who weren’t under the teams mentoring with the opportunity to chat and discuss their opportunities, future endeavours and ask advice… for those who didn’t get the chance to network we hope the above advice is helpful.

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Article by Zoe Higham

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