Use your time wisely: Top 3 learning platforms to expand your knowledge

Use your time wisely: Top 3 learning platforms to expand your knowledge

15th May 2020
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Karey is Head of Talent and amongst many other things, heads up new learning opportunities to ensure we’re the best version of ourselves. Here are her top 3 recommended upskilling platforms for professionals in the creative industry. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to upskill in digital, management or life skills in general, then read on.

One thing that some of us are guilty of not doing is making the time to learn, expand our knowledge and develop in areas that’ll allow us to excel in our careers and day-to-day life. Usually it’s actually having the time to fit it in that’s the main culprit. With busy work schedules, client deadlines, looking after the children and keeping up with life in general, it’s probably one of the things that easily falls to the end of the to-do list.

The one thing that we do have at the moment though, is time. But with a multitude of intuitive platforms all readily available at our fingertips, where should you invest your time and which platforms are the best for you?

Here are Karey’s top free-to-use platforms to give you a helping start.

Karey’s top tip: block out time in your calendar to focus on spending time on the platforms you see best for you, anything from 5 to 20 minutes daily – it keeps you on track! 

TED Talk x Recommends

You may have heard about Ted Talks as they’ve been in production for years, and that’s for good reason. You’ll find videos from expert speakers and their experiences, across MANY subjects such as design, innovation, the environment, motivation, leadership, mental health, and so on and that’s the beauty of the platform – you can take tips, learn and gain ideas across pretty much any subject and this is why it’s made Karey’s top 3. Jon, likes to follow the talks by Simon Sinek around inspirational leadership because, well, it inspires him. Karey recommends signing up to Ted Recommends – talks tailored to your interests, delivered straight to your inbox.

Google Digital Garage

This platform features all the accredited courses that you need to become a digital expert. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of digital marketing (brilliant if you’re having to take your business online for the first time), or excelling more in SEO and PPC, the platform provides streams of endless courses catering for all levels of experience.

LinkedIn Learning

Similarly to the Ted Talks platform, courses are delivered by industry experts and covers a vast majority of subjects. Some of the platform content offers a more of a ‘classroom’ style approach to it’s learning in order to enhance your skills and knowledge as opposed to the Ted Talks approach. It makes Karey’s top 3 as you can set yourself weekly progress goals to support you – to give you that extra nudge.

We like to take a blended learning approach, utilising a mixture of online platforms, interactive workshops, as well as taking the time to keep up with industry trends. Have another platform that works well for you? Let us know on social.

Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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