Projects we’ve had the most chemistry with

Projects we’ve had the most chemistry with

6th February 2020

14th February is not only the day of love, but it also marks the day that Shoot the Moon was created. This year we’ll be turning 23 and to celebrate, we’ve

14th February is not only the day of love, but it also marks the day that Shoot the Moon was created. This year we’ll be turning 23 and to celebrate, we’ve asked the studio to take a trip down memory lane and tell us what their all-time favourite project has been. Plus, given it’s the most romantic time of the year, we thought we’d do a little digging on how everyone will be spending Valentine’s 2020.


Favourite Project? Wainwrights Gently Baked. I really enjoyed creating the watercolour illustrations for the different flavours by using both hand and digital design – you wouldn’t even know!

Plans for Valentine’s Day? 5 years ago, my wife and I viewed a house on Valentine’s Day. It was cold, damp but full of hopes and dreams – we call it home now. It would be super cool to do that again!


Favourite Project? TUI 3-in-1 Brochure. We got to see all the lovely things available on board and it made me want to book a holiday! But, most importantly, the final brochure looks so stylish.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? I will most likely be spending the day washing my hair unless Prince Charming stops by with roses and chocolates, then I may entertain a glass of Prosecco in the pub with him!


Favourite Project? STM Unwrapped. A chance to get strategic and try something a bit different for STM’s Instagram Stories.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? Date night in Manchester.


Favourite Project? RMCH GMR Video. From sketching up the storyboard to art directing the video shoot to producing the final edit, it allowed me to see the full project from start to finish. 

Plans for Valentine’s Day? The same as every other day. I’m not a fan of mush.


Favourite Project? Christmas 2020 for PAH – It was great to see initial ideas come to life and I can’t wait for everyone to see our packaging and POS work in stores. I won’t ever bore of seeing our team’s creative in store.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? I have no idea actually – I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, so probably not much unless my boyfriend convinces me otherwise!


Favourite Project? Aldi Photography Edits. It was nice to mix it up and work with photography, but I also loved working on the banners for digital and social, playing with all the new animation software.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? At home having a delicious dinner with my wife after the children go to bed… about 11pm if we’re lucky.


Favourite Project? STM Packaging. Done Properly.  I’ve loved working on a marketing strategy and plan to highlight the in-depth packaging process and skillset required to take concepts straight through to sitting on-shelf. The team are so knowledgeable and skilled – I now know tonnes about packaging! Learning all about our latest 3D software has been pretty cool too. 

Plans for Valentine’s Day? I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, I think it’s overrated but as it lands on a Friday I’ll probably be spending the night having a few drinks with the boyf.


Favourite Project? Inflight Retail Social Content. From overall strategy and consumer behaviour to creating eye-catching content on shoots, it’s exciting to work with a broad product range, whilst maintaining a consistent brand look and feel for the airline. 

Plans for Valentine’s Day? I tend to spend Valentine’s Day feeling very sorry for myself, given that my birthday is the day before and I’ll no doubt be celebrating with a glass of wine (or two… or three!).


Favourite Project? TUI 3-in-1 Brochure. We looked after all the elements in house, so there was a lovely process seeing it all come together from planning, design, photography and print!

Plans for Valentine’s Day? Probably just having a chill night in, takeaway and films – I think you should show your appreciation for your partner every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.


Favourite Project? Buy on Board. It was great to step away from the computer for a few days to build sets and art direct. I think you always need a mix of work to keep the creativity fresh and your mind stimulated. 

Plans for Valentine’s Day? Chilling with my doggo and probably a pizza.


Favourite Project? Stoves New Food. It’s great to see this project come to life for the consumer across a range of live comms. It’s also lovely to receive positive results from both our paid and organic content.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? Camping with the dog and Dave in Wales or the Lakes.


Favourite Project? Lakeland Souped Up Campaign. An opportunity to create a fresh, foodie, multi-channel campaign that included a range of content from videography to blog writing.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? Getting my pizza fix from Ciao then laughing it off at Frog and Bucket Comedy Club.

It’s clear that some of our recent projects have been a match made in heaven for the team. It’s also obvious that we’re amongst some hopeless romantics, as well as some Valentine’s boycotters… But not to worry, as we’ll be busy celebrating STM’s 23rd birthday!

emily sandom
Article by Emily Sandom

Social Media Manager

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