Adapting to Lockdown: Paid Social Media Strategy and Campaigns

Adapting to Lockdown: Paid Social Media Strategy and Campaigns

14th January 2021
Thoughts & Insights

Paid social media strategy and campaigns are a key component to driving custom and boosting revenue for brands. Roddy, our Social Media Manager, explains the effectiveness of paid social and the solid return on investment brands can achieve.

One of the biggest takeaways from 2020 is the importance of having a strong digital presence for your brand. As more and more businesses have adapted to the restrictions, maintaining a solid online presence has been key to helping businesses support and service their existing customers where local sites and stores remain closed.

As an agency we’ve been able to help support our clients as they’ve pivoted to new business opportunities and provided effective solutions to help execute their ideas. One of the best ways we’ve done this is through highlighting the importance and effectiveness of paid social media strategy and campaigns in driving customers and revenue.

After having to close most of their restaurants throughout 2020, Hickory’s Smokehouse used their BBQ expertise to create Hickory’s at Home – an e-commerce website offering BBQ food delivered from their smokehouse to your house! By creating and executing an effective paid social media strategy we were able to drive awareness and engagement on their new delivery service, as well as driving a significant increase in conversions and revenue.

Hickory’s at Home – Paid Social Campaign Case Study


Introduce the new Hickory’s at Home service and drive brand awareness, engagement, website traffic and purchase conversions.


Using existing assets and new creative, we built four separate campaigns using a mix of interest-based targeting, lookalike targeting and geographic targeting. These campaigns gave a full funnel approach to capture users at the top end of the funnel in the awareness phase (Page Likes and Traffic Campaigns), right through to the intent phase (Conversions and Retargeting Campaigns). To make the campaigns run as smoothly as possible and to improve the customer journey, we also set up a full product catalogue with specific product groupings based on ad creative and format to enable users to go direct to purchase from the ads served to them.


In total the campaign activity drove over 300,000 impressions and over 800 purchase events during the 3-week campaign duration. The initial Page Likes Campaign helped grow the Facebook page to over 3,000 likes, with the ads receiving an incredibly positive response. In response to the paid social activity, users have been sharing their feedback on the delivery service, providing high-quality user generated content for circulation across organic feed posts and stories.

With organic social being increasingly difficult for brands to stay ahead and compete with changing algorithms, supporting your content with a solid paid social strategy is a great way to bolster your organic content. It can also prove to be an effective way to drive sustained traffic and revenue to your business at a much lower cost than other paid for advertising avenues.

Contact the team today to find out how you can scale up your paid social activity in 2021 and capitalise on everything these platforms have to offer! Or you can take a look at a selection of our brand social media projects here.

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