Our Top 5 Podcasts

Our Top 5 Podcasts

2nd August 2019
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Here are a few of our office favourites that cover almost every genre out there (we’re a proper diverse bunch!).

Podcasts are now big business. Whether you’re on your morning commute, picking up lunch or just enjoying a bit of downtime, podcasts are there to enrich your mind with easy-listening shows. The podcast ecosystem is complex and varied, which is great news if you’re looking for something slightly more niche, but it can also be a touch overwhelming. Here are a few of our office favourites that cover almost every genre out there (we’re a proper diverse bunch!).


Ever wondered what makes the most successful people tick? In a controversial yet compelling style, Paul McKenna interviews the likes of Simon Cowell, Gary Lineker and many more to explore their mindsets and understand how they do what they do. This is Jon’s go-to podcast because it always leaves him feeling uplifted and, well, positive!


If you’re looking for a podcast that provides an endless source of knowledge, it’s Ted Talks Daily. Lauren loves soaking up various thought-leaders’ opinions on a range of subjects that make her think differently about the world. Her top pick right now is:

Why it’s worth listening to people you don’t agree with.

In this snippet from Zachary R. Wood’s Ted Talk, Wood encourages listeners to be open to uncomfortable conversations with people whose opinions may be radically opposed to their own. Dubbing this ‘Uncomfortable Learning’, his bold take on communication represents a first step towards social change.


This podcast features four experienced designers who have all excelled in their respective creative fields, giving you a transparent look behind the scenes into life as a modern designer. This is Charlotte’s number one choice because it’s not too “designer pretentious” and they cover other topics too, including running a business, help on social media and all the common worries that come with being a creative.


An inspiring and quirky podcast focused on helping listeners become better designers, creatives and giant thinkers. Ram Castillo orchestrates engaging conversations with fresh talent in the industry and encourages people to think differently and think big. This is one of Andy’s Top 5 – he always listens to it in the morning to get in the zone.


An oldie but a goldie – this comedy podcast is Emily’s all-time favourite because it’s impossible not to find Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant and Karl Pilkington hilarious. As the trio put it themselves, it’s a ‘series of pointless conversations’ about the weird and wonderful life and ideas of Karl Pilkington. Emily’s best tip is to enjoy episodes with a few snacks and laughing out loud (literally).


A few of us are suckers for crime thrillers so we just had to throw this podcast on the list too. Comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean explore their shared passion for the insights into the minds of serial killers. Despite the dark nature of the topic, the pair talk about all things murder and macabre and still have a right laugh doing it.

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emily sandom
Article by Emily Sandom

Social Media Manager

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