A brew with Su Clueit: our new Production & Planning Manager

A brew with Su Clueit: our new Production & Planning Manager

26th April 2021
Meet the Team

Introducing Su who’s recently joined the team as Production and Planning Manager. A newly created role within the business. Su, whose background is in Production Management, will oversee the production and delivery of campaigns working closely with the Account Management and studio teams.

What’s the secret to running a successful project from start to finish?

Lists! You can never make enough lists. From a brief, I like to pick out the essentials – Who? What? When? Where? Get the vitals and work with that. Then once I have my list of things to do, I tackle it from the deadline point of view. Oh, and double check everything.

Favourite project planning tool.

Probably my WIP!

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t stop… believin’ (quote by Steve Perry).

Favourite cuisine?

Depends on my mood! I love sushi, burritos, madras, dim sum, chips, roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding and tons of gravy. I just love food. But I draw the line with offal and chicken feet.

How long have you worked in the industry?

I finished my degree at Leeds in Media/Management way back in 1999 and it took off after that. So about 20 years with a 2-year stint at Costa Coffee.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

When my 2 kids are in bed, I chill with Netflix, a brew and a huge bar of chocolate. I do love to travel and visit new places, me and the other half have a rule of not visiting the same place twice and try and see new places every time we go away. My favourite place so far is Tokyo, with the extremes of tranquillity and craziness of some places (the karaoke there is amazing).

What was the deciding factor for joining STM?

The opportunity and knowing someone who worked there, put a smile on my face.

What’s your biggest achievement?

My career. I love doing what I do, organising and seeing things from design to reality. Meeting and working with people who enjoy the same thing. I’ve lifelong friends I’ve met along the way. That and my kids, I’d better mention my kids too.

Where’s your next holiday destination?

Ssshhhh… hopefully Florida (the kids don’t know). 

Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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