Attention span crisis: how to create an impact with your content in 2022

Attention span crisis: how to create an impact with your content in 2022

12th April 2022
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Dive into our top tips to find out how you can capture your audiences’ attention, create engagement, and keep them coming back for more…

Research shows that consumers have a shorter attention span than ever before, taking them approximately just 8 seconds to lose interest. So, it’s important to know how to use your time effectively. So how can you create impactful content to keep your audience interested and engaged (we’ve kept you reading for longer than 8 seconds, haven’t we?)?


Create bitesize content

Integrating smaller pieces of content into your socials, emails, and websites can help quickly get your message in front of your audience – and there are many engaging ways to do this:


LinkedIn slides/Instagram carousels: These are a great way to give sneak previews into your latest blogs by breaking down key information into short and consumable snippets for your audience to flick through.

Tip: Offer just some of the key takeaways and pair with a strong CTA to direct the audience to your website to find out more.


Short-form video: With more consumers taking to entertainment platforms, such as TikTok, and over 30% of marketers planning to invest in short-form video content It’s safe to say that this powerful format should be at for forefront of your content strategy.

Tip: Show the good stuff first – not everyone is going to watch your video content all the way through so it’s important to ensure you get the core message across. It also helps to give the consumer a reason to continue watching.


Infographics: If you have a bulk of information to offer your audience, infographics are a visually engaging and easily digestible way to highlight those key facts and stats.

Headers: For the bigger pieces of content, such as blogs, add in ‘skimmable’ headers to help your audience easily navigate the information and find the sections most relevant to them.


Capitalise on key dates

It’s no secret that content needs to resonate with your audience for it to be effective, but adapting your strategy with national days and key events in mind can help make your content even more relevant for your audience.

Tip: Download a calendar of all the national days and tailor your monthly content accordingly.


Be reactive

Timing is key for making an impact, and although you can plan for national days and events, there are sometimes new trends and unexpected events that you can’t always prepare for. But by being reactive and quick to respond, you can make unique and relevant content that resonates with your audience in the moment – whether it’s providing comedic relief, offering the answers or a giving the opportunity for people voice their opinion.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box – the most successful brands ‘react’ in the most unexpected ways! KFC, Ryanair, and Innocent Smoothie are great brand examples.


With so little time to make an impact, you need to make every second count. Luckily, our award-winning content team know how to do just that, so get in touch and we will have a chat about developing your content strategy.

Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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