A Decade of Design with Jon

A Decade of Design with Jon

26th February 2021
Meet the Team

Design is more than creating a pretty picture. It’s about producing stand-out brands that resonate the most with a customer and it’s an art that the team have mastered all too well.

This month we’re celebrating Jon, Head of Packaging, being part of the team for 10. Amazing. Years. Find out what the team has to say about the past decade of design at the studio.

Can you recall the first brand that you worked on at the agency?

“Pets at Home. Back then we were both much smaller. I remember working on the ‘New Store Opening’ leaflets, there seemed to be a new store opening every other week. Oh look how we’ve both grown!” – Jon.

What’s the most memorable project that you’ve worked with Jon on?

“After 10 years of working together we’ve collaborated on a lot of exciting projects, so identifying one is tricky.

“A project that does spring to mind was developing the Evolution brand for dog and cat food. It was in our earlier days of developing brands with Pets at Home and it’s what set Jon on the path of becoming Head of Packaging. The attention to detail was incredible, especially when it came to building the complex background images. Once completed each image looked like a real landscape but they were built out of a number of images to create a fictional world that captured the brand story and flavours of the product.

“Over the years I’ve learnt a lot from Jon’s superior knowledge in printing processes and techniques which often helps him see past the current part of the project he’s working on and considers a variety of executions before anyone else has.” Matt, Head of Artwork.

Name your all-time favourite moment at the agency.

“This is a tough one to answer. We’ve had lots of fun nights out but I think my favourite times have to be when we get the good news of winning a pitch, our latest is winning a competitive pitch for Jucee. All the hard work and occasional late nights make it all worth it and it’s great to see your ideas coming to fruition.

“Moving into the new studio space has to be up there too. It’s such a great space and there’s a nice buzz in the studios.” – Jon

Which design trend do you hope makes a comeback.

“70s inspired designs. Big bold messaging that simply flows. A bit like Gingerella – I’d love to see more of that!” – Jon

If you had to describe the last 10 years in design in 3 words what would it be?

“Feels like twenty.

“Everything is so fast paced now. Social media is a true catalyst for design trends. The speed things can be brought to market via social is truly immense. Brands such as Kickstarter mean anyone can build a brand with clever visuals and marketing before going to manufacture. Concepts can be sold directly to consumer and I think that’s pretty awesome.” – Jon

What’s been your favourite part of working with Jon over the past decade?

“His creative edge and ability to bring creative inspiration to life through high-end application and production. His outstanding knowledge of print and outcome expectations gives me the confidence to present a concept to a client at the first stage with the reassurance it’s achievable at the end stage.” – Oli, Creative Director.

Having briefed Jon on jobs big and small, what would you say is the best part about working with him as a designer and packaging expert?

Jon is my go-to man for anything to do with packaging or basically anything – who needs Google when you have Jon! I’ve learnt a great deal working with Jon over the years and he’s heavily involved in many of my projects. He’s always keen to help develop my knowledge and it’s clear he’s a very passionate creative which is so encouraging to see. I couldn’t do my job without him.” – Cat, Account Director.

Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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