A Decade of Design with Phil

A Decade of Design with Phil

29th March 2021
Meet the Team

Phil is a Creative Artworker and has been part of the team for an exciting 10 whole years. He’s seen brands grow and flourish and has helped shape the success of where we are today. We take a look back at some key highlights from along the way.

Can you recall the first brand that you worked on at the agency?

“The first ever job I worked on was the Kids Holiday Pet Club Easter booklet for Pets at Home, funnily enough one of the last jobs I worked on was the updated version, My Pet Pals Easter booklet for Pets at Home. Safe to say Pets at Home has featured heavily over the last ten years.” – Phil

Name your all-time favourite moment at the agency.

“Everyday. Working alongside amazingly talented and passionate people and to be honest just great people full stop. It’s always a good moment when you come to the end of a project and it’s gone really well, particularly if we’ve been up against it.” – Phil

If you had to describe the last 10 years in design in 3 words what would it be?

“It’s flown by!” – Phil

What does the next decade look like for you?

“I’m just going to keep working hard and always try to learn new skills. I’ve always been interested in animation and video so i’ve been learning the ins and outs of After Effects and Premiere Pro.” – Phil

Dream brand to work with?

“Marvel. It’s instantly recognisable and has really pushed forward as a brand over the last 10 -15 years. I loved the comics as a kid and still loving the TV shows and films to this day.” – Phil

Having briefed Phil on jobs big and small, what would you say is the best part about working with him as an artworker?

“The best part about working with Phil is that he knows everything there is to know about Pets at Home. He’s worked on this brand for many moons and always does a stellar job. We like to call him the encyclopaedia of pets.

“There’s a lot of exciting things coming up in the pipeline especially with our airline clients. I can’t wait to see how we can assist them navigating to the new normal for overseas travel!” – Emily Hinchliffe, Senior Account Executive

What’s been your favourite part of working with Phil over the past decade?

“Mr Reliable or Mr Pets at Home, Phil is always ready to help. Over the past 10 years he has become an integral part of the team and his knowledge of Pets at Home is incredible. Everyone at STM knows that he is the one to ask about any PAH jobs over the past decade and he often surprises me.

“As well as his immense client knowledge, Phil has also proved very adaptable, his willingness to learn new animation skills and software in his own time has provided the team with additional expertise that has bridged gaps across the studio and opened the team to new opportunities.” – Matt Driscoll, Head of Artwork

What’s the most memorable project that you’ve worked with Phil on?

“Well, where do I start? I’ve worked with Phil for over 20 years and in that time there’s been so many projects we’ve worked on together. Over the past 10 years, we’ve collaborated on a lot of packaging projects where we’ve always shared tips and tricks along the way to get things done, in particular cutting out so many little fury animals for Pets at Home. We’ve both come a long way since the days of repro – a proper team mate, with a proper set of skills!” – Jon Paul-Lightfoot, Head of Packaging

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Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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