10 unmissable statistics for the tourism industry

10 unmissable statistics for the tourism industry

3rd June 2021

Is Britain feeling adventurous when it comes to travel after a year of restrictions and what does this mean for the tourism industry? We distributed a survey to people of all ages who live in the UK to find out!

Gain insight into the UK’s feeling toward travel after lockdown, along with the key drivers for ensuring a successful campaign to drive bookings and revenue in the tourism industry.

Key findings at a glance:


The pandemic will have long standing effects on the travel industry, as our research finds that nearly 70% of Brits will choose to holiday within the UK in the next 12 months despite travel restrictions being lifted. It seems people are changing their travel behaviours and taking advantage of opportunities as soon as they arise.

Family holidays are high on the agenda as people are keen to spend family time away from the home.

People need reassurance. Ensuring travel security, from a financial and safety point of view, remains as important as ever.

Creative messaging to highlight what people have been missing is the key to encouraging travel.


Download the full survey results here.


How can accommodation, leisure and travel brands apply these findings?


Laurie, Head of Content – “Whilst many people can’t wait to get away, it’s clear that there’s still a lot of nervousness around the security of travel (both from a safety and a financial risk perspective). It’s essential that brands in the industry create content catering for both these audiences – providing plenty of inspiration for audiences with high intent to travel, but also placing a lot of focus on describing the measures that have been introduced to protect travellers.

“Sharing real stories from people who have recently travelled and highlighting their positive experiences will help to build trust and reassure travellers that they can safely get back out there and see the world (or even other parts of the UK!).”

Jon Paul-Lightfoot, Head of Packaging – “It’s important that we remember that Covid-19 hasn’t gone away. Brands in the aviation industry should introduce the use of antimicrobial coatings on food packaging and printed brochures, providing an important element of safety and reassurance to travellers.

“En Route have already been developing Covid-safe in-flight meal packaging such as, oven-heatable and individually flow-wrapped bakery items, and a ‘flip and peel’ cheese platter in a bid to offer reassurance to in-flight travel. As long as these solutions consider packaging sustainability we should be in a better place.”

Catherine Ditchburn, Account Director – “People are ready to embrace the outdoors and holidaying in the UK. This shift in perception is encouraging for UK tourism brands as more people are keen to enjoy what’s on their doorstep. This is a great opportunity for brands to ramp up their brand awareness efforts via various media outlets and create long-lasting impactful campaigns.”

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Laura Nuttall
Article by Laura Nuttall

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