Connecting packaging to the online world

Connecting packaging to the online world

25th November 2020
Thoughts & Insights

Connected packaging is a modern phenomenon which is changing the way brands engage with their customers, turning sales into a full digital experience. Here we take a look at the application of connected packaging solutions and benefits.

Many consumer brands are blending the physical and digital world of packaging as one joined up approach by introducing technology methods into their packaging designs. This latest innovation is reshaping packaging as we know it into into a fully immersive, enhanced digital experience, providing brands with a solid return on investment.

Definition of ‘connected packaging’

Used as a way to engage customers, brands deliver brand stories and exclusive content to its users through incorporating technology on product designs which are activated with a phone.

Benefits of connected packaging

From improving instore footfall, increasing brand awareness, loyalty, engagement and sales, smart packaging can be used to meet wider brand objectives as well as gaining real time consumer behaviour to tailor business strategies. 

Engage customers

Near field communication (NFC) is amongst the current biggest trends, making it easy to get more information directly in front of the consumer via radio frequency identification (RFID). By embedding a coded NFC tag onto your physical packaging, a simple ‘tap’ from a mobile device can direct the consumer to experiential brand stories on your website, providing real time analytics about how consumers are engaging with your product.

QR codes are a widely used marketing tool and instantly recognisable. With a unique coded pattern linked to a landing page of your choice, they can be applied to a product label and scanned with a mobile phone camera. Create interest and engagement to connect with your customer through the use of personalised, interactive content. Food and drink brands can integrate step-by-step recipe content and retailers can introduce instore QR codes which allows consumers to see a guide to see what size is best for them.

Take a look at our specialist photography team’s work on Eat & Breathe’s website here for foodie content inspiration.

Boost customer loyalty

Brands are capturing the attention of their customers and adding value to their packaging, creating unique AR (augmented reality) experiences activated through applying an AR lens to the label. Key brand messages and values can be showcased through 3D content and video. It’s important to integrate storytelling with packaging as it can bring customers closer to the brand, forming an authentic connection.

We can create bespoke 3D packaging renders which can be adapted to sit in any environment. A great complement to a content strategy, the renders are the next best thing to the real-life physical product with a 360 view of the product. Take a look at our ‘Packaging. Done Properly’ page here for more information.

Our specialist teams across packaging, digital and content production, can bring your packaging vision and requirements to reality. Email to have a chat.

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Article by Jon-Paul Lightfoot

Head of Packaging

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