Keeping the lights on: Brand Communications and Social Distancing

Keeping the lights on: Brand Communications and Social Distancing

30th March 2020
Thoughts & Insights

While the pubs, restaurants and shops may be closing their doors, your online presence doesn’t need to completely switch off. As everything is changing day by day, it’s important to make sure you’re still keeping the lights on for your communities and audiences.

From hosting live streams to community management, we take a look at some of the easiest solutions for brands to stay connected during periods of social distancing.

Engage with your Audience

Don’t forget about the thing that matters the most to your brand; your audience! These are the people who have invested in your content and follow you specifically to keep in touch with any news and developments. Make sure you’re regularly checking in with your communities and let them know that wheels are still turning behind the scenes. While it may seem easy to ignore, this small step can make a big difference to keeping your audiences engaged and happy.

Keep the Content Flowing

If you’re able to, make sure that a steady stream of content is still going out across your channels. While things may look a little thin compared to your usual output, it’s important to keep things ticking along so all of your efforts in growing your channels don’t go to waste. Whether this is the odd blog post or sharing some customer success stories, a regular flow of content gives something to keep your audience engaged.

Be a Helping Hand

While times are uncertain, it’s key to keep your content entertaining but also helpful. Strip back the sales messages and focus on helping the community. Whether it’s serving up a new ‘a la casa’ recipe for people to try or a home workout that includes the family, it’s a great time to give something back while remaining relevant to your brand. We’re loving Pret’s social content right now – spilling the secrets on their most popular dishes so we don’t miss their meals too much during lockdown.

Mindful Media Spend

It’s important to analyse advertising on social media during times like this – it’s crucial to stay sensitive to current conditions and not be pushing out ads that come across too sales-focused. Used in a way that creates interest and engagement, companies can use advertising to build their brand while campaign competition is lower. McCain’s latest #StayHome campaign highlights supporting key workers and bringing families together all whilst building brand awareness.


Right now everyone has a LOT of free time. Taking your brand live on social media is a great way to keep in touch with your audiences and can be a really low cost and effort solution. Live videos are increasingly popular at the moment, and with the move to remote-first working these are only going to increase. Whether it’s a workout routine, recipe guide, dance party or how-to video, your audience will love the opportunity to tune in live and get involved with other members of the community.

Have Fun!

Leave the seriousness to the six o’clock news – make your channel a fun and exciting place to be! Everyone needs a little bit of light-hearted fun during this time and your channels are a great place to do this. Share those customer success stories, retweet that meme, host a Facebook live giveaway…whatever it is, JUST HAVE FUN!

These are some very strange and uncertain times, but we’re all in this together. Stay positive, STAY AT HOME and we’ll all be back in the pub before you know it!

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