Chelsea Grimshaw: Placement to Permanent

Chelsea Grimshaw: Placement to Permanent

29th March 2022
Meet the Team

Join us for a brew with Chelsea as she talks about her past and present experience with Shoot the Moon. Discover her obvious love for coffee and the marketing hacks she uses to keep her creative juices flowing.

What’s your role?

After doing a short placement with STM over summer, I was lucky enough to come back in November as an official member of the Content Team! My role involves a mixture of everything, which is what makes it so exciting – campaign ideation, content planning, copywriting, and even diving into more of the art direction and design for social content.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Two things: my morning coffee and knowing that I will be working on something new and exciting that day.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to your desk?

While I enjoy coffee no.2, I tick off my first two jobs – community management and trend spotting to see if there are any opportunities for posting something reactive!

What are your favourite platforms to use to keep ahead of trends?

I typically use Twitter and Falcon to listen in on the topical conversations and stay ahead of the trends. But I also find TikTok a great tool (filled with honest and authentic stories, it’s an audience-insight playground). Adage articles, The Drum, and LinkedIn are also helpful to keep track of what’s trending in the industry.

Be honest… What’s your most opened app?

TikTok (of course) and then probably my notes app – filled with chaotic to-do lists, gift ideas, and random ideas for art, copy, and campaigns (inspiration usually hits at the most inconvenient times so it’s good to be prepared!).

How does your placement and current role differ?

Everything I learnt on my placement I still use today, but the good thing about my role now is that I get to dip my toes into a bit of everything – strategy planning, campaign ideas, and even testing out my photoshop skills for creative pieces.

Name our favourite Manchester hotspot?

I honestly love the Northern Quarter, there’s so many hidden gems! When starting at Shoot the Moon, the team introduced me to Northern Soul – they make some epic grilled cheese sandwiches (you’ll never settle for a normal toastie again!).

Which book are you currently hooked on?

I’m currently reading ‘A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters’ by Dan Nelken which is, so far, a masterpiece of a read and highly recommend to any current/aspiring copywriters. When I’m in need of motivation or inspiration, the Ted Talks Daily is one of my go-to podcasts – they are strangely addictive. But when in doubt, the US Office on Netflix will always be my comfort show.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

At the moment, I’m weirdly obsessed with science documentaries – black holes, theory of relativity, and existential crisis? Yes please.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere. When I’m struggling for ideas, I usually find going on a random search spree on google and applying a bunch of keywords to different contexts always helps get the creative juices flowing to help inspire that BIG idea.

Name a dream brand you would love to work with?

I would love to work on Aldi’s Twitter account, Ryanair’s Tik Tok, and Burger King’s advertising campaigns. All creative in their approach not afraid to inject a bit of humour – any advertiser and marketer’s dream!

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Article by Zoe Higham

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