2019: Our Year in Numbers

2019: Our Year in Numbers

11th December 2019
Meet the Team

We look back at a landmark 365 days for Shoot the Moon – uncovering the happenings that shaped our days, our team and our business. 1 New Photography Studio Whilst

We look back at a landmark 365 days for Shoot the Moon – uncovering the happenings that shaped our days, our team and our business.

1 New Photography Studio

Whilst our home still lies in Manchester, we’ve added a second photography studio and hub to our ranks in Leeds city centre. With a spacious set up equipped for picture perfect shots, planning and presenting, the studio has proven to be a successful addition.  

1 Agency Acquisition

This year we expanded the business itself, acquiring a new agency to join the STM squad. Digital gurus, JGM Agency were added to our roster, strengthening our capabilities and deepening our talent pool. 

8 New Faces

From Social Media experts to Account Managers, Food Stylists and grad placements, our newbies each bring a wealth of knowledge and personality to the team that we can’t do without!

5 Promotions

We’ve not just been getting bigger – but better too! Our team have worked their socks off and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Cat, Emily, Amy, Dan and Steven are now smashing it in their new roles after well-deserved promotions.

13 Love Stories

We might have to hold off on the details but we did manage 12 first dates as a team! Matt got his happily ever after earlier in the year with a Vegas wedding. Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Driscoll! 

2 Mortgages

Hope and Lauren have taken the plunge in becoming homeowners. They’re hoping to be cosy in their new pads ready for Christmas!

A Tonne of Hard Work

It’s difficult to put a number on ‘hard’ work, but we think 34,155 brews, 6 broken keyboards and 124 packs of Post-It notes covers it quite well.

And Twice as Much Fun

There’s been plenty of weekends and midweek celebrations across the year for the team. We’re proud to have achieved 4 Bongo’s Bingo’s wins to show for it (including a coveted Philip Schofield carboard cut-out) and slightly less proud of the 1 broken bone we sustained in the process.

A Few Office Staples

It’s been a year of new additions – and we aren’t just talking about the 7 variations of alternative milk that crept into the office fridge! But there are a few things that stick around year on year. Be it Wilkie’s love for Man City or the team’s obsession with Maoams, there are some things which never change! Most notably of all, it has to be our weekly occurring office mishaps. The fire alarm bares brunt to its fair share of moments, with 52 burnt pieces of toast allowing its ringing to regularly be heard (we blame the below par toaster). The stairs in the office are also a mishap hot spot, as a team we’ve managed to trip up the stairs countless times, leaving us to mourn 36 spilt brews that never quite survived the journey. 

16 New Clients

Our team has wooed 16 new clients this year, as well as offering more services than ever. This is a massive achievement that makes 2019 a year that we can be proud of.

1 thing is for sure…

2019 has been an adventure – bring on 2020. 

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